Tuesday , 1 December 2020
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NOCCI Sponsors

NOCCI Sponsors

We thank our generous sponsors.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
Members please support the companies who support us!

Gold Sponsors

Cecil Nurse Office Furniture - NOCCI Gold Sponsor

Cecil Nurse Kimberley provides the NOCCI office with modern, high quality office furniture.

Excel Catering Equipment - NOCCI Gold Sponsor

Excel Catering Equipment supply NOCCI with a state of the art Coffee Machine.

Civic Motors - NOCCI Fuel Sponsor

NOCCI Fuel sponsor.

Silver Sponsors

Parsons Home Appliances - NOCCI Silver Sponsor

Parsons Home Appliances supply NOCCI with Cutlery and glasses to provide a more professional experience to our visitors.

Bronze Sponsors

Berco Indoor Gardens - NOCCI Bronze Sponsor

Berco Indoor Gardens provide the NOCCI office with indoor plants and planters transforming our space and provides a feeling of harmony and well-being.

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